We Are a Family &
Professional Network

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to enriching and uplifting our community. We don’t just stop at adults; we extend our reach to teenagers and children, creating a nurturing environment for every age group.

We are a family and professional Network!

A network organization that provides an informal setting for the Nigerian diaspora community to meet, socialize, enrich, and expand their professional/business and personal connections. Anyone of Nigerian descent/ heritage or via marriage is welcome!

Would you like to join our family?

Mission Statement

Our Mission is “United- together we thrive, achieve, grow and flourish as a community”

Aim & Vision

Our aim is to achieve our mission through fostering and sustaining Real Connections that last, professionally and personally

Who We Are

We are a diaspora of professionals, homemakers, entrepreneurs etc., a diverse pool of individuals with a familial connection to Nigeria.

How do we achieve our goal?

We focus on the pillars below to help us achieve our goal of a flourishing community.


Create opportunities for personal interactions 


Speaker programs on topics of interest to members


Educational workshop (Adult and Kids/Youth)


Support local and global causes that align with our core beliefs and mission


Champion and highlight member achievements


Support our entrepreneurs, philanthropists, activists etc.,


Support system for new residents


Partner with other local and/or international organizational entity(ies) to further our goal

Join our family

We are happy you are interested in joining the Northern California Nigerian (NCN)
organization and we are looking forward to meeting you in person at one of our events.

Our Articles

Get to know what we do in our community by reading our blogs and articles. We write to educate and inspire.

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