Person Earthquake Emergency Kit

This is a follow up to the email sent a few weeks ago with starter information for you to set up your home, and of course check the local government guidance.

Below is a basic starting point for earthquake emergency preparedness that I have in my backpack, you may add more or adapt as necessary or you see fit.

Storage of bag:

I have kept my bag in a coat closet close to the exit door ( our garage gets hot in summer and cold in winter; the heat may not be ideal for the liquids)

Backpack Contents: for 4 person

  • A daily minimum caloric value of emergency food bar ( 5 yr life span)
  • Emergency water pouches 4-5 oz
  • Radio and cell phone charger
  • Small army-style knife
  • Emergency ponchos with hoods
  • Survival whistle or just whistle
  • Dust Masks
  • Tissue packs
  • 24-hour body warmers ( the pouches or simple blanket will suffice)
  • First Aid kit ( be sure to replace wipes, alcohol, or solutions that have lifespan)
  • Water Purification tablets
  • Waterproof matches
  • Signal mirror
  • Water bottle
  • Fire start sticks

Government Website on Preparedness

Click on this link to get information on disaster and emergency preparedness

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