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Bisi Adekoya

An Executive Consultant with over 25 years of Clinical Research and Data Management experience. She has built and directed several teams, projects, and infrastructures for Clinical Trials for Biotech companies. As a Data Scientist, she has led several studies from startup to close out using Electronic Data Capture (EDC) databases. As a trainer, she encourages the standardization of systems and processes for efficiency. Also, certified in How to Start and Run a Small Business, she coaches other seasoned data management consultants or anyone else on how to start their own businesses.

One of her passions is philanthropy and she founded a non-profit VOA Foundation & Charity ( over a year ago, with an impact on STEM education for children in the US and Nigeria.

For leisure she enjoys reading, horse polo lessons, Ballroom, and Latin dances (esp. Salsa and Bachata). She also enjoys traveling and exploring new places and experiences. One of her favorite ones was swimming with the reef sharks on beautiful islands in Tahiti (French Polynesia).

She loves the life she lives and is immensely grateful for her positive growth and intriguing life experiences. As a mother of 4 amazing children who did not come with manuals or SOPs, it has been a wild ride. No dull moments!

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