Press Release- NCN Joins Welcoming America Network

The Northern California Nigerian (NCN) Organization has recently joined the Welcoming Network, a global network committed to promoting immigrant inclusion. Through this partnership, NCN will have access to resources, programs,

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Person Earthquake Emergency Kit

This is a follow up to the email sent a few weeks ago with starter information for you to set up your home, and of course check the local government

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Your Health Numbers (The Basic Gist)

Know Your Numbers, Girl! Numbers are the best way we know for keeping scores. Love it or hate it, you are defined by numbers. You are “documented” here in the

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Engineering a Pathway to Business

“It’s okay to love one path for a season and to discover you love a different one in the next. “ The first time I heard about Biotechnology was when

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AI for You, AI for Nigeria

Some have called AI the “new oil” or “new electricity”. While the tag may be debatable there is no question as to whether AI will impact future business and personal

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