About Us


Northern California Nigerians (NCN) organization was formed in 2015 and held its inaugural potluck in 2016.  Our quarterly potlucks are an informal gathering to socialize and network as a close-knit community. Our membership is primarily by referral and consists of folks associated to Nigeria by birth, marriage or ancestral heritage living in Northern California that have a genuine interest in wanting to make real connections on the personal and professional level.

Today, being a member means being proudly Nigerian and a willingness to be a resource to others within the organization as well as give support to one another. The core of NCN’s mantra is a community stronghold where every member has the opportunity to form lasting meaningful and real connections with some, if not all of its members.

We are a professional network and family community organization at its core.

We believe “United- together we thrive, achieve, grow and flourish as a community”

How do we achieve our goal?

  1. Create opportunities for personal interactions (in-person potluck, virtual happy hours and social networking meetings)
  2. Speaker programs on topics of interest to members
  3. Educational workshop (Adult and Kids/Youth)
  4. Champion and highlight member achievements
  5. Support our entrepreneurs, philanthropists, activists etc.,
  6. Support system for new residents
  7. Sharing pertinent diaspora resources
  8. Support local and global causes that align with our core beliefs and mission
  9. Partner with other local and/or international organizational entity(ies) to further our goal