NCN Financial Transparency

NCN submits the annual required IRS reporting/filing. Starting in 2023, we will start providing top level financial statements to the members at the end of  calendar or FY year and for the foreseeable future. This will primarily be shared via email. For our IRS top level submissions, you can search on the IRS website for those filing(s).

When does membership start and terms?

January 2023, 12-month calendar year. Dues are expected from current members no later than January 31st, 2023. This is not prorated. Our member dues is well below the typical median range for standard membership organization annual dues  which ranges between  $100-$300/yr.

Can I donate more to support?

Yes, please! We welcome additional financial support and thank you for your generosity.

Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your donation. Please use the donation tab on your dashboard.

What cost incurring operational activities?

Historical and recurring costs have included but are not limited to location fees (parks/community center), support insufficient supplies sign-up to match potluck RSVP numbers, branding, Govt. fees, IT (email, web, meeting platforms etc.), Misc. materials, speaker/event/ kids’ programs costs etc., ad hoc event support personnel.

Will dues go up annually?

This will be evaluated annually on a need basis with adjustment for inflation costs etc., and communicated in advance with our end of year financial report for transparency. At minimum our current membership dues was calculated such that it could potentially cover at least 2 of our event locations per annum and all other operational costs supplemented by generous donations/contributions. The implemented dues will not and does not cover food and other potluck supplies.

The optimal financial future fit state for NCN is that primarily- dues, donations, and sponsorships provide 100% financial support for ALL organizational related costs. NCN is a 100% volunteer run organization and monies have not been paid out to the President, Board of director or Committee members as compensation.

Are there exemptions to the membership dues?

No, every adult registered member is required to pay nominal dues. However, if as a student you cannot afford this, please contact info@thencngroup.org to discuss options.

Can volunteering be used in lieu of dues?

No, we want and need volunteers however that will not remove the much-needed cost of running the organization. We hope you do consider volunteering as it will help for a better organization and reduce other costs.

WhatsApp platform

We want all affiliated NCN persons to continue to be in the know. There is deliberate effort to separate certain membership specific information or sign up /RSVP from been shared on the WhatsApp platform. We encourage you to always check your registered email account and/or member profile account.


Other non-social event participation.

We will use the paradigm that is used by most organizations of having speaker events being offered at a different cost to non-members versus members. Other free events to members will incur a minor cost to non-members.

We will primarily at low-cost use pre-printed name tags, so it is important for members to ALWAYS RSVP for events they plan to attend. Events check-ins will be implemented as needed.

Opportunities for partnership with NCN?

Yes! Please contact info@thencngroup.org 

Or send a WhatsApp message to 408-360-7379.


How does membership referral work?

You can refer members but please provide information to them regarding membership dues.  Direct them to register via our website portal. In addition, you can add them as your guest to one of our events that you will be attending.

What is the approach for our quarterly social?

1. We will continue to rotate across the Bay and surrounding areas quarterly per membership residence demographics.
a. South Bay including Gilroy areas.
b. North Bay, Peninsula, Pittsburg, Vacaville, etc.
c. East Bay, Tri valley areas up to Mountain house, Tracy.
2. Spring (weather permitting) and summer events will be held in reserved county park picnic areas while winter events will be indoors.
3. We will alternate seasonal locations per region on a yearly basis.
4. With an expanding organization, it is no longer feasible to expect members to host comfortably in their backyard and with current and future inflation host at county park or indoor centers solely without $ support.
5. We will transition away from member hosting but rather have members in the planned region for potluck nominate their local park or community center via lottery/vote and if cost is feasible, it will be selected. This way interested members are involved in decision making.
6. Contribution for food/supplies remains the same and a joint effort by all attendees.
7. Can I invite guests? – yes, you may! Adult guests are required to contribute (albeit different $) as members do to the potluck event or you may contribute on their behalf.
8. Any additional ad hoc event related activities will be at a shared community cost unless otherwise noted i.e., donations or sponsorships.

Is someone being paid a wage?

NCN is a 100% volunteer run organization and monies have not been paid out to the President, Board of Directors or Committee members as compensation.

How will you determine members at events?

Primarily using pre-printed name tags, so it is important for members to ALWAYS RSVP for events they plan to attend. Each registered member has a member ID located on their account profile. Events check-ins will be implemented as needed.