Mini Documentary, Lagos

NCN in partnership with LASRAB is proud to showcase a mini documentary that highlights key cultural history of Lagos state, Nigeria. This video speaks to colonial and important landmark periods in Lagos state history.

The short documentary was created with the aim to put on the global map the true history of Lagos state that will hopefully create cultural awareness for current and future generations of Nigeria diasporas but also for anyone keen to learn more about the illustrious and vibrant Lagos State history.

The hope is that with this video, an interest in learning more about Lagos or Nigeria is sparked!

About LASRAB and NCN

The Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau (LASRAB) is mandated with the responsibility of permanent custody, regulation, and control of records and archives of the Lagos State Government, the Local Governments and other archives or historical records of entities operating within the State. As part of its statutory responsibility, the Bureau ensures the acquisition and preservation of records and assets of enduring value that promote and sustain the heritage of the State. To showcase these acquisitions and promote access to these assets, the Bureau intends to capture and document the histories and tradition of the various artifacts in the LASRAB mini-museum which will not only promote the historical heritage of the State but also become a global tourist attraction.

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