NCN Registered Member Announcement Request

The purpose of this form is for active registered members to submit a request to promote, advertise and/or market a venture, event, product that is an individual member led or owned that would benefit from support of NCN via patronage or sharing info to extended network.

Reasonable effort will be made to push out requests submitted via this form within 7-14 business days from receipt, if not urgent.

*NCN will make final decision on postings and reserves the right to not approve request*

For WhatsApp posts, provide your number in the information. Please do not post yourself, it will come from NCN official number and you will be tagged. This helps all members delineate which promotional posts are approved and better understand our processes. You have to be on the platform to be tagged, we will not post if you are not on the platform. WhatsApp announcements will occur on Monday or Friday per volume. *ONLY one announcement per request*

Office hours for non urgent : Monday to Friday, EOD 5pm. *Urgent submission- EOD 6pm, always contact Admin.*

Questions? WhatsApp or Text 408 360 7379

Request Form