Bukola Mabadeje

Bukola Mabadeje

Partner at Buchalter

Bukola Mabadeje: A Visionary Advocate for Education and Community Empowerment in Northern California

Bukola, whose roots span various international cities, has proudly called Northern California home for over a decade. Her unwavering dedication to community development, education, and the empowerment of children has been a driving force behind her quest to make a profound impact in the region. Bukola’s commitment to these causes shines brightly through her multifaceted roles and contributions, past and present, some of which include:

Board Member, International House, UC Berkeley: At the International House, UC Berkeley, Bukola not only serves as a board member but also chairs the Development Committee. In this pivotal role, she actively shapes the institution’s vision and strategy, fostering intercultural respect and understanding, lifelong friendships and leadership skills among residents. Her efforts have contributed to building bridges of diversity and inclusivity within the university community.

Board Member, Alternative Family Services (AFS): During her tenure on the board of directors at AFS, an organization dedicated to providing foster care, adoption, and mental health services throughout Northern California, Bukola channeled her passion for children’s welfare. She played an instrumental role in transforming AFS into an organization that effectively delivers on its mission, providing much-needed support to vulnerable children and families in search of stability.

Kids’ Leader, Cornerstone Fellowship: Every week, Bukola selflessly steps into the role of a volunteer leader at Cornerstone Fellowship, her local church. Here, she guides and nurtures the growth of children of various ages. Her steadfast dedication to mentoring and empowering young minds underscores her profound belief in the transformative power of community involvement.

Bukola’s diverse experiences, extensive affiliations, and fervent dedication to uplifting individuals and nurturing their growth position her as an invaluable asset to the community. She continuously strives to connect, empower, and uplift both her community and the next generation. Her passion aligns seamlessly with the mission of the NCN board, as she innovates ways to enrich the lives of children and develop programs that cater to the unique experiences of third culture children. Bukola’s visionary leadership is a testament to her enduring commitment to education, community empowerment, and the betterment of society as a whole.

Bukola enjoys reading, listening to music, dancing, watching Nigerian movies, and hanging out with her husband and 3 beautiful daughters.