Mary Dosunmu

Mary Dosunmu

Founder and CEO

Mary is passionate about community, education, and science. Over the past 20 years or more she has held active lead volunteer roles in the UK and USA across multiple cities in various organizations focused on: healthcare, elderly care, education, community development, and fostering professional network and growth.

Her dedication to social causes goes beyond volunteerism as she actively engages in numerous diversity and inclusion initiatives within corporate organizations. She served as a board member for the Cheza Nami Foundation, dedicated to cultural education and diversity awareness, for seven years. Currently, she serves on the board of the Village Enterprise Organization, dedicated to poverty alleviation in rural Africa through entrepreneurship.

As a resident and professional in the Bay, she saw a need for a concerted community resource for current and new residents interested in connecting with fellow Nigerians. Mary’s commitment to social causes and community empowerment is what drove her vision for creating Northern California Nigerian (NCN) Organization, where members support each other with the goal of elevating and creating a locally impactful community body that leaves no one behind. Her vision for the NCN organization is to create a strong diaspora community with a legacy that has a positive and lasting impact in the Bay Area and beyond.

Mary is a passionate gardener with a love for culinary exploration. She enjoys occasional golfing. She resides in the South Bay with her husband and two sons, indulging in her interests outside of her professional life.